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Meg Robichaud | illustration & design



HiI'm Meg Robichaud, (that's Robe-i-show) but it would seem that's a tricky one... so it's Meg. I'm a Vancouver based designer & illustrator. I split my time between ui design & illustration, which means you'll usually find me making at least one of the following: pitch decks, infographics, mobile apps, icon sets stickers, mascots, ebooks, or videos. After a confusing three years in civil engineering, I realized how much I like to draw and decided to study Graphic Design & foundations of design at The Art Institute of Vancouver (read: print design).

Meg, meet digital art. Finally, home.

All of my design work is freelance. An easy choice since I get to collaborate with so many cool people/companies (& sleep in while doing it) including but not limited to: Neil Patel, Oculus VR, Aveeno, Trello, Ecquire, New Relic, Colourlovers, Jonathan Mann & Forrst. I really enjoy sharing my experiences in freelancing and design. Either one on one or in bigger speaking engagements, answering questions and pointing new designers in the right direction is one of my favourite ways to give back to the design community.


Additional (but equally important) facts: 

I think raisins in baked goods are an atrocity. I spend way too much time/money/energy pursuing snowboarding & scuba diving. Doing a handstand is on my bucket list, so is playing the fiddle. I'm really good at wiggling my nose & ears.


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